In a sunny afternoon, thousands of people are listening the speech of their favorite leader on the stage. He is in fire, he is dispersed. He wants to change the world, asking join hands with his ideology with political agenda. But his hands are tied up. He speaks in half way without using the line of action, looks gloomy, naturally. You are in the auditor’s chair, want something more or less.

How do you feel? How do you react without using your hands?

The situation and the questions are really funny, and apparently no purpose!

Right. But everything is not right, thus, people are get poised when they use both verbal and body parts, specially hands during communication. Everyone “talks” with their hands at least sometimes. Some people’s hand-talking or gesturing matches their message well. Other people have a tendency to make overly large gestures that can be distracting. And still others don’t use their hands much at all. No matter which camp you fall into, it’s important to pay attention to your hand gestures while you are communicating or making a talk or play or work. You may be unconsciously communicating in ways you don’t realize.

These photographs are not to show hands of working of a hard times, or silence. Still, the series of these images has something to represent of an unsaid piece of story.

Let’s read.